Brulo Non-Alcoholic Beer 7 Hop 7 Grain [Pack of 6]

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Brulo is a leading UK craft beer brand offering a wide range of refreshing and flavourful non-alcoholic beer options. Crafted with care, Brulo provides the perfect alternative for those seeking a delicious and satisfying beverage without the alcohol content.

The 7 Grain 7 Hop DDH IPA 0.0 from Brulo Beer is crafted with precision and passion, offering a unique and refreshing experience for beer enthusiasts. Made with a blend of seven carefully selected grains and hops, this IPA delivers a complex flavour profile that is both bold and balanced.

With its double dry-hopping technique, it boasts a rich aroma and a satisfyingly hoppy taste without the alcohol content. Whether you're looking for a guilt-free indulgence or simply want to enjoy the flavors of an IPA without the buzz, the 7 Grain 7 Hop DDH IPA is the perfect choice. Order yours today and savour the goodness of this exceptional non-alcoholic brew.

Ingredients: water, malted barley, wheat, yeast, hops.
0.0% ABV

Nutritional information:

Kcals per 100ml: 33 kcals

Sugar per 100ml: 3.8 grams