Bemuse Wild Raspberry Rosé Non-Alcoholic Honey Mead [750ml]

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·      Alcohol-free

·      Elegant, zesty and dry champagne alternative

·      0.5% ABV


The Bemuse Wild Raspberry Rosé is a delightful and refreshing non-alcoholic beverage that combines the sweetness of wild raspberries with the delicate floral notes of rose petals.

Crafted with care, this drink offers a unique and sophisticated flavour profile that is perfect for those looking to elevate their drinking experience.

Whether enjoyed on its own or mixed into cocktails, the Bemuse Wild Raspberry Rose is sure to captivate your taste buds with its harmonious blend of fruity and floral elements.


Water, Orange Blossom Honey, Yeast, Fresh Raspberry (Gluten Free)

Nutritional information:

Calories: 12kcal/100ml

Sugar: 2.2g/100ml