The Social Spritz Kit

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We believe the art of making great cocktails at home should be something we can all enjoy!

So our team at TVM have created some serves for you that are simple to make, yet complex in flavour. 

With THE SOCIAL SPRITZ KIT, you will tease the taste buds, lift the spirits and reduce inhibitions for a night to remember!

Featuring 3 of our favourite 0% drinks - Three Spirit Social Elixir, APRTF and ALT Chardonnay 0.0%

This blissful cocktail, while not only tasting good with notes of cranberry, white teas, and dark apple and cacao, will also boost your mood through natural elixirs. It is the perfect guilt free social companion, after 3 of these you'll be the life and soul of the party!

So let's get mixing to make the perfect all-night party spritz...


30ml Three Spirit Social Elixir

15ml Laori Juniper no1 

100ml Lyre’s Classico Prosecco  

Ice and garnish of your choice (we favour fresh rosemary and a charred grapefruit wedge)


Build the ingredients in your favourite glass with ice, garnish and enjoy.

See we told you it was simple!