Siegfried Wonderoak

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After the internationally acclaimed Siegfried Gin and the first German non-alcoholic alternative to Gin Wonderleaf (yes, we were the first), it is now time for the next step: Wonderoak is the perfect non-alcoholic distillate for anyone who enjoys aromatic long drinks and cocktails .

Although it’s not rum, it’s ideal in recipes typically made with rum. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be alcohol-free either: Whether it’s completely alcohol-free or mixed with your favorite rum – Wonderoak gives every drink a warm, aromatic taste profile. Only you determine the alcohol content of your drink!

Tonka bean, nutmeg and oak provide full, round notes. Fenugreek, lime and curaçao for complexity and a touch of the exotic. Livin’ la vida loca!

  • Non-alcoholic
  • Ideal with cola or ginger ale
  • Vegan
  • Only 6 kcal/ 100ml
  • Perfect for long drinks and cocktails (not pure)