Siegfried Wonderleaf

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Siegfried Wonderleaf – Non-Alcoholic

Globally acclaimed SIEGFRIED Rheinland Dry Gin has created Germany’s first non-alcoholic alternative: Siegfried Wonderleaf.

Strictly speaking, Siegfried Wonderleaf is not a gin. Gin, by law, must contain at least 37.5% alcohol. But for all those who cannot or do not want to drink, Siegfried Wonderleaf provides all the aromas of the botanicals of gin to drinks and cocktails – without any of the alcohol. That’s right, Wonderleaf is not a replacement for gin, it’s an alternative for certain situations.

Everything began with a social media post on April fools 2016. At the time, they announced non-alcoholic Siegfried light as a joke. Overwhelmed by the unexpected amount of positive feedback, they began development in the spring of 2017, never losing sight of their goal: Alcohol-free, artisanal distillation made only with high-quality botanicals.