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We have carefully selected the best functional and mood boosting ingredients to bring you a bundle of amazing tasting liquids that all pack an alternative punch! 

Weather you want to relax with a delicious Nightcap with a rock of ice, have a stimulating conversation with the Social Elixir, or simple want to mellow out with some Sentia, this pack has it all! 

1 Three Spirits Nightcap 

1 Three Spirits Social Elixir 

1 three spirits Livener 

1 of each of our Solbru Range (4 bottles) 

1 bottle of Siegfried Wonderoak 

1 bottle of Siegfried wonderleaf 

4 kombuchas and 4 tonic waters/alternative mixers upon request 


Subject to availability. Sometimes we may substitute a product for a similar product with the same effects/flavours. All customers will be notified before shipping 🙂