Immune Boost Kit

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This is the perfect kit for when you want all of the flavour and none of the compromises.


A functional & adaptogenic, passionately produced Alcoternative™, made with all vegan ingredients to support health and happiness.

Featuring pure Ashwagandha, an adaptogen that benefits mental and physical wellbeing by responding to stress and balancing the mind.

0% Alcohol & 100% Mexican Blue Weber Agave.

It pairs beautifully with King of Kefir for the ultimate immune boost!

King of Kefir:

A refreshing ginger drink with a gentle fizz and less than 10 kcal per bottle. Turmeric adds some colour and a hint of an earthy warmth to the taste.

King of Kefir's simple ambition is to produce healthier, light and refreshing alternatives to high sugar or artificially sweetened soft drinks.

The hand crafted water kefir drinks are produced in small batches in the Chocolate Factory, in the heart of Dublin.

Water kefir is a live culture fermented beverage which is teeming with beneficial and gut friendly bacteria and yeast.

Organic and/or fair trade ingredients are used where available. 

King of Kefir drinks fizz up naturally over a 14-day period using an age old technique called bottle conditioning. No preservatives, stabilisers or emulsifiers are used and bottles are not pasteurised. The drinks are very lightly sweetened using the extract from the stevia plant.

Fungtn Chaga:


Crisp, refreshing dark lager with adaptogenic organic Chaga mushroom.

Increasingly, researchers are taking seriously the possibility that chaga mushrooms may be able to prevent cancer and slow its growth.