Smoked Old Fashioned Bundle

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So this is a bundle on the shop already. I’ll rename it now and let you know to what. Blurb for social: We we’re lucky enough to invited to serve some amazing non alcoholic cocktails @barsymposiumcologne this week and to celebrate we have made a DIY cocktail kit so you can enjoy something tasty this weekend! Our beverage director @morrell.bars will send a free bottle of salted maple syrup so you can make this Smokey old fashioned at home!

Although it’s not rum, it’s ideal in recipes typically made with rum. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be alcohol-free either: Whether it’s completely alcohol-free or mixed with your favorite rum – Wonderoak gives every drink a warm, aromatic taste profile. Only you determine the alcohol content of your drink!

Tonka bean, nutmeg and oak provide full, round notes. Fenugreek, lime and curaçao for complexity and a touch of the exotic. Livin’ la vida loca!

  • Non-alcoholic
  • Ideal with cola or ginger ale
  • Vegan
  • Only 6 kcal/ 100ml
  • Perfect for long drinks and cocktails (not pure)


Plus a bottle of amazingly complex Crossip Smokey Dandy!