First things first, we don’t do ‘mocktails’ at TVM. In fact, our Bar Manager and Cocktail Creator Anna Walsh has been known to present you with a shot of her extra spicy virgin mary house mix should she hear the word leave your lips!

Our philosophy is simple, our completely original cocktails embody the TVM signature style that is clean, complex and exceptionally balanced. All of our drinks are multi-layered, aromatic and created to stimulate your social appetite.

We are of course named after the world’s most famous alcohol-free cocktail – The Virgin Mary, and its reputation as a pick-me-up has inspired us to create a host of mind-bending drinks to restore, revive, excite and surprise.

So here’s to the blending of ingredients and of minds, and to a place where alcohol-free doesn’t have to mean pleasure free!

Our entire range of beers, wines and cocktails are 0.5% ABV (the same as a ripe banana) or below.