The American Dream Kit

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This unique kit features a combination of two of our most popular alt-spirits which work incredibly well both separately, or mixed together.

It includes:

1 x 50cl Lyre’s American Malt

1 x Three Spirit Nightcap

4 x Lixir Blood Orange & Cinnamon Tonic Water

Lyre’s American Malt will give you that intense hit of USA flavour while Three Spirit Nightcap lulls you into a euphoric dream state with its plant based alchemy.

Here’s how to make a simple serve using all 3 kit ingredients:

Fill a rocks glass with ice. Add 40ml Lyre’s American Malt, 40ml Three Spirit Nightcap and top up with Lixir Blood Orange and Cinnamon tonic water. Garnish with a fresh orange slice and enjoy!