Mahala Alt G&T Kit

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Enjoy the ultimate AF G&T in 2022!

Mahala is made in South Africa, using nine hand-sourced botanicals that are infused under vacuum to extract the flavour. The entirety of the product is distilled with custom built stills.

“Mahala” is the Zulu word for “free”… Mahala Botanical is free from sugar, alcohol, colourants and artificial flavours. Mahala is also gluten and vegan friendly.

We have chosen the light and refreshing Lixir premium elderflower & lemon tonic as our mixer of choice to highlight the native South African spices that shine through Mahala.

The M&T


50ml Mahala Botanical
150ml premium tonic
lemon zest


50ml Mahala over ice
with 150ml premium tonic
garnish with lemon zest twist