TVM Sober Starter Kit No.2

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This innovative starter kit is a carefully curated selection of some of the bar’s most popular drinks. From 0.0% beer and wine to a craft alt-gin and gut-loving water kefir, there’s something for every palate. It includes -

1 bottle Sauvignon Blanc or Sparkling Rose 

1 bottle of Herbarium 29

3 cans of Lervig flavoured IPA

3 Fix 8 Kombuchas 

Each of these delicious drinks can be enjoyed in their own right or combined together.

So here’s a few tips from Alex Morrell, TVM’s Global Beverage Director, on how to drink different using the starter kit range –

Keep it classic by mixing Herbarium 29, one of our best-selling non alcoholic gin alternatives, with the deliciously fresh Null Riesling and the light Kefir’s for a yummy G and T twist! Lots of ice, plenty of your favourite citrus fruit (we love grapefruit!) and some fresh herbs of your choosing!

Enjoy the beers nice and cold and the Kefir’s with a nice and fresh salad for a delicious and light lunch!

Alex believes that the more time you have to spend on a drink the better it will be! If you have 5 minutes, try making a flavoured syrup by stewing your favourite fruit with 1 part sugar and 1 part water, gently simmer until bubbly and then remove from the heat. Allow to cool and strain off the pulp and bottle the syrup. This should last your 1 week easily.

If you have an hour on your hands, try roasting your fruit first for an extra smoky depth of flavour with some really deep dark notes. This method works with everything, from lemons and limes, to watermelon and pineapple! Alex does this with rhubarb for a sweet, sour and smoky cocktail! We hope you have fun mixing and matching the products we’ve chosen to introduce you to AF drinking.

We promise to update our kit every month with new and exciting drinks for you to continue to discover.

Here’s to the journey,


Team TVM