TVM Sober Starter Kit No.1

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We want you to help you get the most out of this unique range of products.

Your kit contains –

1 bottle of Sparkling Rose or Classico Prosecco (leave a note for preferred option) 

1 bottle Siegfried Wonderleaf

2 fix 8 Kombucha (strawberry/basil, ginger/turmeric) 

4 non alcoholic beers 

Each of these delicious drinks can be enjoyed in their own right or combined together.

So here’s a few tips from Alex Morrell, TVM’s Global Beverage Director, on how to drink different using the starter kit range –

Keep it classic by Siegfried Wonderleaf, one of our best-selling non alcoholic gin alternatives, with the delicious and invigorating Fix 8 Kombuchas a sensational alternative to tonic water with tons of added benefits. Lots of ice, nice and tall with fresh strawberries and some basil for a lovely floral sipper.

Enjoy the beers nice and cold and the horny goat to keep your body and mind focussed! -Alex believes that all ingredients are best serve ice cold! WIth non alcoholic cocktails the key is to get everything as cold as you can before you make your cocktail. That includes the glasses! We freeze most of our glassware at TVM as this allows the temperature of the cocktail to stay cooler for longer, and with less dilution than in alcoholic cocktails, this is really important for a longer lasting great tasting drink! We hope you have fun mixing and matching the products we’ve chosen to introduce you to AF drinking. 

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