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Silk Roots is a drink that looks like, tastes like, is presented like and is made like traditional gin but without the alcohol.

Silk Roots takes its inspiration from the herbs and spice trade along the Silk Roads, an ancient network of trade paths that interconnected Eastern and Western cultures.

A selection of organically-grown botanicals is macerated then distilled in a traditional copper pot in a process adapted to not use alcohol at any stage. The result is an alcohol-free product that expresses the true essence of the herbs.

Silk Roots is best served on ice with tonic and a garnish of lemon and mint. Or in TVM’s Stillers Silk Roots Spritz only available in our bar on Capel St.

It contains no added flavours or sugar and is calorie-free.

Country of Origin: UK
Volume: 70cl
ABV: 0%
Vegan-friendly: Yes